Testimonial 2


We as parents have lots of expectations from our child, like he/she should be best in academics and stand at number one in every field, be it academic or sports or anything else. Therefore we were in search for a home tutor who can help our child to excel.

(Name of the home tutor/ firm) has provided our child with best guidance and extra support so that he/ she can come out with flying colors. (Name of the firm/ home tutor) helped our child by providing him/her the tutoring services according to his/her needs. The tutor assigned was frank with the child and is devoted to work also.

The (name of the tutor/ firm) provided the child with study support material and weekly test which helped to prepare better and get a good result. (Name of the tutor) is very dedicated and gives us feedbacks about our child’s performance on a weekly basis. We are glad to take this service from (Name of firm/ tutor). And we hope your services help others also the way they helped us.