Testimonial 1


I would like to express my gratitude to (name of the firm/ tutor) for helping our child in scoring good marks in the exams. (Name of the tutor) helped our child in every possible manner he/ she could.

He/she not only taught our child but also cleared the basic fundamentals of the subject. He/ she used various techniques for better understanding like mind maps, diagrams, formula booklets and many more to make the concepts simple and easy.

(Name of the tutor) was disciplined, punctual and brilliant. He/ she helped our child in understanding the subject well and made learning a fun process. He/she also gave us timely feedback about the child’s progress.

He/she made our child do worksheets and certain assignments to check progress and discuss the mistakes for better results. He/she was professional, friendly and answered all the doubts and problems patiently. We are highly thankful to you and would recommend (name of the firm/ person) to other individuals facing the same problem.