Colloidal silver vs ionic silver

Pure Ionic Silver

Colloidal silver vs ionic silver

The manufacturers of the HealthWest Ionic silver, a well-reputed, Australian certified laboratory manufacturing quality pure ionic silver states …

Silver was a commonly-used antimicrobial 100 odd years ago but receded from use with the advent of
antibiotics which were cheap and abundant.

In recent years, however, Colloidal Silver has seen a big come back in popularity because of the problems
associated with antibiotic-resistant bacteria and the fact that more and more people are seeking safer and
more natural alternatives.

The problem with colloidal silver, however, is that it obviously contains metal, and this has been a concern to many health professionals.

All this has changed with the advances in the field of silver ion technology.

Ionic Silver is rapidly making Colloidal Silver obsolete because it has all the antimicrobial properties of
Colloidal Silver but without the metal.

How can you tell if there is metal in a silver solution?

HealthWest provides a simple test anyone can do to check if there are silver metal particles in the colloidal silver water.  

All you need is a laser pointer and a clear glass.

  1. Pour the water silver solution into a clear glass

  2. Point the laser at the side of the glass (make sure not to point the laser towards your eyes)

  3. The laser light will be invisible if there are no silver metal particles in the water.

  4. The laser light will show a solid band if the water contains silver metal particles (see left glass in the picture below).


Colloidal silver vs ionic silver


Watch this video to see the Tyndall Test in action

Personally, I will never drink or use colloidal silver that contains metal in my nebuliser.

I know that many manufacturers of colloidal silver will disagree with me.  However, there are clinical studies that warn about ingesting and inhaling silver metal particles.   

Additionally, there was a strong warning from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institute of Health, National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health about the ingesting of silver particle in colloidal silver.

I will also never again buy home colloidal silver making machines.  All the ones I tried failed the Tyndall Test and showed silver particles in the water.   Many of these machines produced low-grade silver water.

Until certified medical studies and published medical papers tell me that ingesting or inhaling silver particles is safe I will stick with pure ionic silver made by reputable and certified laboratories.

Where to buy pure ionic silver water

In Australia, I purchase my Pure Ionic Silver only from HealthWest.  

Pure Ionic Silver

pure colloidal ionic silver Australia

In the United States, I buy Clemens Laboratory Ionic Silver

Colloidal Ionic Silver

Pure Ionic Silver US


How pure Ionic Silver may kill viruses, fungi and harmful bacteria

By Sharon George, N.D. in her article “New Horizons in HealthCare” states …

Many strains of viruses, fungi and bacteria are gram-negative. The presence of Ionic Silver near a gram-negative pathogen effectively immobilizes its’ oxygen metabolizing enzyme, or chemical lung.

Ionic Silver is able to achieve this function because it is an ion that carries a positive electrical
charge. Gram-negative pathogens carry a negative electrical charge.

The positive electrical charge of Ionic Silver attracts the negative charge of the pathogen, causing it to lose an electron. This reaction alters the molecular structure of the pathogen resulting in the simultaneous inactivation of many functions such as: cell wall synthesis; membrane transport; alterations in RNA and DNA synthesis and translation; and protein folding and function. Without these functions, the microorganism dies
and is eliminated from the body.


Pure Ionic Silver may not harm beneficial gut bacteria

Dr. George also states that …

“Unlike non-selective colloidal silver preparations Ionic Silver is selective at targeting pathogens but not the beneficial gut bacteria”

You can download Dr. George full article here.

Interesting references about how ionic silver may be effective at killing virus, fungi and harmful bacteria

Gordon Pedersen, PhD an expert in toxicology, virology and the Director of the Institute of Alternative Medicine has recommended silver to eliminate the type A/H1N1 swine flu virus and any accompanying secondary infections.

Article from the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

A study from Rice University

As credible and valid reference material about Ionic Silver becomes available we will post it on this reference page.

The colloidal silver vs ionic silver page updated on the 10 March 2020.